Preventive examinations: For an employee

Occupational medical care in relation to the Labour Code

Employees are required under § 135, paragraph 4, point. b) Act No. 65/1965 Coll. Labour Code, as amended, to submit to medical examinations, vaccinations, diagnostic tests and examinations set by special legislation.

But do not lose the right to free choice of doctors for medical problems, but according to § 9 para 2 of Law No. 20/1966 Coll. Health Care, as amended, the option does not apply to the ZPP.

Employees must undergo scrutiny in its entirety and set the deadline.

Most ask for:

What is the purpose of preventive examinations?

Implementation of preventive examinations can lead to early detection of risk of disease or early diagnosis of diseases already developed. So you can very effectively prevent the development of serious diseases and sustain health staff. A working medical examinations are not to replace the care of registering your doctor, but the fulfillment of legal obligations, copy the Protocol on the ability to work and identify risk factors in your job description.

How often will I be invited to periodic inspection?

Duty passing examinations is determined by age and profession demands a specific employee. Is there a time limit once every two years for employees over 50 years of age and other specific employee groups (eg professional drivers ...) is compulsory for periodic inspection once a year.

How do I find survey results?

For the employer, a doctor confirms the form of medical fitness to work with the output = able (or unable to restrictions). In addition, the doctor tells the client directly to the test result evaluation. Client doctors communicate communication path, the way you like to be informed of the outcome - ie, personal e-mail, telephone or through personal visits, etc.

I refuse to periodic inspection?

No, this is in terms of occupational health care a mandatory part of employment. By law, an employee may not be valid without preventive examinations to perform his job, and it is necessary to respect the dates proposed by most surveys. The employee is required to pass examinations, which would be mandatory under the law (initial, periodic or multiple and potential emergency), and within the expertise required to undergo the examination.

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